This site is dedicated to showing and educating those individuals who do not have a mirror in their home or as I like to call them the fashionably unconscious.  The idea came from watching some of the local fashions such as my pet peeve of Ugs with mini shirts.  I always wondered how young attractive women could wear these boots that are meant for the dead of winter on hot summer days with a mini shirt.  What does her foot smell like when she takes those boots off a night? 

By the way, I myself am fashionable unconscious and I even own a mirror.  I am in my mid 30s and have to have my wife dress me for work every day to ensure that I don’t end up on a website like this one.  I have been known to wear stripped pants with stripped shirt and they were not in the same direction. 

I wanted to start this site to help others share the fashion abominations that they see day in and day out.  We all know what I am talking about, the people you see on your way to work, out at night clubs, or even just sitting in the local coffee shop wearing the unthinkable and you can’t just help but stare.