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 How do I submit a picture?

If you have found someone in tragic fashion or some new fashion trend that you would like the followers of That’s Tragic to comment on send the picture to tragic@thatstragic.com with:

  • Where you took the picture (e.g., subway, mall, bar, etc.)
  • A short comment about the tragic or fashionable outfit that you like to have posted with the picture (If the caption you provided is inappropriate we will change it to allow us to post the submission to the That’s Tragic).

All pictures will be posted as anonymous, but feel free to make additional comments once your picture is posted.

As long as the picture meets our criteria we will post it to the site.

How long will it take for my picture to post?

We will do our best to review and post your picture/comment within 48 hours of receipt. Please be patient, as the process to add a photo takes some time. 

If your picture is deemed to be inappropriate you will be notified that it will not be added to the Website.

Is my picture and caption appropriate?

If the person is in a crazy outfit in new fashion walking to work, the club, sitting on public transportation, or just walking down the street then their photo belongs on this site.  The caption should be short and descriptive of why you think the fashion in the photos is tragic.  HOWEVER, there are some things That’s Tragic will not post on the site:

  • Strong, vulgar, obscene or otherwise harmful language,
  • Racially, ethnically or otherwise, objectionable language,
  • Actions that are hurtful to minors,
  • Mentally or physically handicapped individuals,
  • Postings, providing, transmitting or otherwise making available any junk mail or spam, and

Regarding Images Found on this Site?

This site in no way wishes to infringe on anyone’s copyright or individuals rights. If you have found anything that you feel infringes on your rights please email us at tragic@thatstragic.com with your request and the item will be removed or altered to fit your wishes immediately.

Please be as detailed as possible when sending the email, such as the picture number, the reasons why copyright or and individuals rights has been violated, etc. We will be as quick and efficient as possible in resolving these matters.